Welcome to Finding Beauty in the Everyday!

~By Cassie~

Looking for somewhere to escape to when the world is wild all around?

This is your place!

Life can be wild, and wonderful, and stressful, and delightful all in one day. Let this be a place where you can get away for a few moments and enjoy the beauty in life.  Remember, beauty can be found in the midst of the craziness all around. So, treat yourself to a moment for you and explore all this site has to offer!

What You Will Find:

This site is geared towards enjoying your everyday life, and as such, it is full of all kinds of great, encouraging, posts focused on everyday topics!

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Look for DIY projects and Design Tutorials in Beauty in the Home posts. Find a balance of healthy and hearty recipes, as well, as table setting ideas in the Beauty on the Table collection of posts. If the outdoors is more your vibe, then join me for inspiration in the Beauty in the Outdoors posts and if laughing at the antics of wild children makes you smile, then the Beauty in the Family posts are for you!

Join me in this Journey:

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I look forward to our journey together!



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