Finding Beauty in New Beginnings:

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Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

If you have read my previous post on the selling of our first family home, (Find it Here) then you have some idea of what a learning-filled venture that was. If not, the condensed version is it took over 5 months, 55 showings, and one very worn out family later, to finally get it sold. The funny thing is, that through the entire process, my sweet hubby kept telling me: “Our new house just isn’t on the market yet” to encourage me during the long selling process. In the end, he was right, as he always is!  Here is the tale of two houses and ultimately how God provided our new “Dream” house.

Our First Home

It all begins in our first ever home…

The house was a cute little cottage tucked away on a large, flat lot. I moved in as a young newlywed and quickly fell into the task of making it our home. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but after 10 years, many gallons of paint, endless projects, and the bringing home all three of my babies, it is safe to say that I really loved this home. So, it was with mixed feelings that we put the house on the market and waited in anticipation for our house to sell so that we could move on to the next home for our family.

Living Room in Old House

And as we waited, and waited, and waited, something interesting happened.  By the end of the 5 month selling process, I was not looking at our old home as fondly. The squeaking floors that I once found charming, were driving me crazy. The boys rooms which were fine before, suddenly felt teeny tiny. The big yard with established flower beds and a vegetable garden, were taken over with weeds after a summer of caring for a new baby instead of tending plants. All in all, I had fallen out of love with our home, and that was a good thing. If our home had sold in an instant, I think I would have had a hard time letting go. After 5 months of staging and cleaning over and over again, I was kicking up me heels and doing a happy dance when we finally got an offer. Now it was time to get moving, except we had stopped looking at houses months ago so we had no where to move to. With a month until closing, we had to find a house and fast!

Finding Our Dream House:

The New Home

With the clock ticking, we started looking at houses and to our surprise, found 3 that we really liked right off the bat! We had already looked at a ton of houses in the early months of the selling process, (when we sure our house was going to sell fast) and liked nothing. All of a sudden, it was time to move and there were houses we liked everywhere! Sweet hubby and I laughed as we decided that God was just showing off. After eliminating it down to the one house that we both liked, the day came to go and look at it one more time before we made the offer. We were excited and ready to go! The night before we were going for our final look over our agent emailed us with a house that had just hit the market that day. I loved the pictures, but didn’t think much of it as we already had our house picked. I forwarded them to sweet hubby anyway and he liked the pictures too. “Might as well go look at it on our way” he said. I agree, although it was just to have one more house to eliminate before making an offer on the one we picked.


New Yard and Land

Well, long story short, we look at the house and fall in love. It was the first and only house that we both walked in and felt like we could see our family making our own. The home had all the space we need with 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and upgraded throughout. All my time and energy could go into fun projects to make the house ours. No upgrades needed to be done! To make it even better the house was at the end of a street, on a mini turn-around so there was no traffic and the lot was huge with a fenced in backyard for the boys!

We went ahead and looked at the other house we were considering, but it paled in comparison once we had found the real house for us. That very evening we made an offer on the home and with-in 24 hours we had an accepted offer! The house was ours and it happened so fast there was never even a “FOR SALE” sign in the yard!

God is good, all the time…

New Living Room
New Dining Room

Looking back over the somewhat painful process of selling our much-loved starter home and finding our current home, I am so humbled by the goodness and grace of our loving Father. Everything that I was sad to leave behind in our old home has been far exceeded in our new dwelling. Our one established tree that I adored at our old place has been upgraded to a variety of over 20 huge trees.  Our .4 acre lot that I had tended and cared for has been upgraded to 2.3 acres with several established flower beds and even a little creek! The character of the home we left has been upgraded with a fireplace (I have always dreamed of one!), beautiful built-ins, and refinished hardwood throughout. When I look over the list I made of my “Dream Home” and see how God exceeded all my expectations I am reminded of how very good He is and how the painful journeys that he brings us through are so we can better appreciate the gifts he has for us. Had our home sold immediately, I would have been robbed of the personal growth that I needed as well as the perfect house that he had selected for us. As sweet hubby kept saying: “Our perfect house just wasn’t ready yet.”  Only in His perfect timing was our gift revealed and how grateful I am for it!
Finding Beauty 

Do you have a story of God’s perfect timing in your life? Or maybe you are currently going through the challenges of the waiting and refining period? If so, please feel free to share below. I love hearing stories on the goodness and plans of our God!



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