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As a designer, bedrooms are one of my favorite rooms to design…

The combination of elements, colors, an textures are beautifully balanced in a well designed bedroom. There is also something vulnerable about designing a bedroom for a client as they are “personal” spaces. I find I get to know more about my bedroom clients because I really have to learn who they are, what they love, and what makes them tick in order to create a restful haven just for them. Through the years I have picked up some valuable tips on designing a beautiful bedroom that I am going to share with you here so you can create a bedroom that becomes your own personal haven.

Designer Bedroom Tip #1: Embrace Your Personality

As we discussed earlier, bedrooms are what designers call “Personal Spaces” within the home. These are rooms designed for private use as compared to a “Public Space” such as a living or dining room. As such, bedrooms have permission to showcase a more personal style than the rest of the home. Don’t be afraid to introduce a favorite color, pattern or theme in your bedroom that you love, but doesn’t “match” the rest of the house. Bedrooms are perfect places to introduce new looks as they are often set off from the rest of the main rooms.

In this bedroom the client adored ferns, but the rest of her home was decorated in warm neutrals where the fern motif would have looked out of place. We embraced her personality in the master bedroom by selecting a soft green for the walls, a fern printed quilt and finished the look with two printed panels over the headboard. Neutral linen curtains kept the look light and airy and a textural woven rug underfoot kept the look natural without becoming overly themed. The client loved the room and it reflects her beautifully!

Here are some simple ways to embrace your personality in your own design: hang a favorite piece of artwork or family photos that you love, introduce a favorite color not utilized in the rest of the house, invest in bedding that captures your style (elegant, comfy, simple, etc.),  and even, embrace a theme or pattern that makes your heart happy.

Designer Bedroom Tip #2: Layer in Softness

Layers of softness are the secret to creating a bedroom that is cozy and stylish at the same time. Softness can come in many forms in the bedroom. Curtains, rugs, bedding, pillows, throws, accent furniture, and even an upholstered headboard can all be used to create layers of soft textures that add style to a bedroom. The secret to balancing the layers of softness in a bedroom is to allow one or two elements to take center-stage while the other elements play a supporting role. For example, if you have luxurious curtains and decorative pillows, your rug and bedding need to be neutral to keep the room balanced. If you have a patterned duvet and a patterned rug, your curtains and throw pillows need to be simple to keep the room from getting too “overdone”.

In this example, a patterned duvet and decorative accent pillows are balanced with a simple upholstered headboard, a neutral rug and a solid throw and tufted bench. The room is soft with layers of textures, but not chaotic.

In your own room, take inventory of your soft elements and add in additional layers as needed to create a space that is warm and inviting.

Designer Bedroom Tip #3: Invest in Quality Lighting

Just like we discussed layering in softness in the tip above, you need to focus on layers of light in your bedroom as well. Good lighting in a bedroom should include 3 types of fixtures. General or task lighting for everyday tasks such as getting dressed, mood or ambiance lighting for relaxing, and decorative lighting for accents. Your overhead lighting is usually all you need to take care of your general lighting component. Have fun with your fixture though! In this example, we replaced the generic dome light with a farmhouse style lantern and it added so much personality to the room!

Your ambiance lighting comes from your bedside lamps, sconces, floor lamps and/or dresser lamps. This lighting can be used in addition to your overhead, or turned on as needed to create warm pools of light throughout the room. Remember, bedside lamps do not have to match, but should be similar in scale. In the room above we used a floor lamp on one side of the bed and a table lamp on the other as there was not enough room for a nightstand on each side of the bed.

Your final lighting layer is your decorative lighting. This is where you can really have some fun with your lighting, Trays of flickering candles, strings of twinkling battery lights or even a wall mounted fireplace can add romance and magic in the room that needs it most!

Designer Bedroom Tip #4: Engage the Senses

Designers know that people feel best in spaces when at least 3 of the 5 senses are engaged in a positive way, and they use that information to their advantage. You can do the same as well by intentionally adding in sensory experiences in your bedroom. A clean scented candle or fresh flowers delight our sense of smell. A cozy throw or soft throw pillow invites our sense of touch to engage. Playing soft music in the background relaxes us and calms our overloaded sense of hearing. Our eyes embrace the beauty of the space around us and creating a space to enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee keeps us coming back to our bedrooms for refuge and refreshment.

Designer Tip #5: Take Time to Accessorize

Notice, I said to take time to accessorize, not add clutter! Clutter of any type should be vanquished from the bedroom if at all possible, but a few key accessories can complete the look of a well designed bedroom. Accessories that are ideal in bedrooms include: decorative clocks, stylish picture frames, trays, coordinated throws, fresh florals or preserved boxwood for a longer lasting look. In this bedroom, a few carefully selected accent pieces complete the neutral bedroom and add interest to the space without adding visual clutter.

In your personal bedroom, go in right now and clear out anything that comes across as clutter. Then add in one decorative piece at a time until you have achieved a balanced and completed look. If you don’t love something in your bedroom, remove it! This space should be dedicated only to things that bring you delight and joy.

Now go and create a Designer bedroom of your own!


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