“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”-Albert Camus

October 14, 2017 BY Cassie Let me know what you think and leave a comment below!

Celebrate the beauty of the season with a fabulous fall centerpiece!

There is something special about fall in the Appalachian Mountains. The changing colors and crisp air always inspires me to attempt to capture some of that beauty in my own home and what better way to do that than with a Fall-Inspired Centerpiece!

Look for Inspiration:

What I love about centerpieces is the opportunity to use about anything you can think of for inspiration to create a beautiful design! During the fall season, look no farther than the great outdoors for inspiration. Colorful leaves, rustic pumpkins, natural grasses, and the last of the year’s flowers are more than enough inspiration to create a truly unique centerpiece. In this collage, I’ve used pumpkins, bread bowls, candlesticks, and a combination of greenery and florals to create 4 very different, yet beautiful centerpieces just perfect for a fall table!


Build your Base:

The base of your design is the structure that you create your masterpiece on. Shop around your house for pieces that will give you a good foundation. Some of my favorite pieces include trays, baskets. cake stands, vases, pitchers, mason jars, bread bowls, punch bowls, books, and candlesticks. I’m sure you can think of even more pieces that you can base your design off of!

Once you’ve collected a variety of different pieces you can use to create the base, play around with your design. The shape and size of your table will often be your guide. Round tables do great with round cake stands, bowls, a single vase, or even a trio of smaller vases. The key on a round table is to keep the design balanced from all sides.

A rectangular table allows you to play with longer layouts such as a long low tray with a scattering of candlesticks all around or even a seasonal runner with mini-arrangements running the length.

Add in your Texture Pieces:

A good centerpiece will be a study in contrasts. Hard ceramics with soft florals, rustic wood with reflective glass, smooth metals with rough foliage. Once you have your base completed, it’s time to amp up the textural elements. Most of the time your base will be a hard element so you need to focus on adding in more natural elements. Autumn provides a bounty of textural elements to utilize. Fall leaves, flowers, acorns, grasses, moss, pumpkins, and even branches can add a lot of interest to your arrangement.

When adding your texture pieces, pay attention to the finished height of the arrangement. If you are placing your centerpiece on a dining table, it’s usually best to keep your finished height under 18″ high so you can easily talk over or around. If you are using your table for decorative purposes only, the sky (or your ceiling) is the limit!

If you are limited in your natural selections, do not fear, there are endless texture options available at your local decor store. Velvet pumpkins are one of my absolute favorite pieces to utilize as their softness and rich colors add so much texture to any tablescape. In this example from Hot Skwash, a collection of velvet pumpkins are stacked into a copper bowl to create a simple, yet stunning centerpiece. You could even tuck in fall leaves or reindeer moss (one of my favorite fillers) to add a little more texture if you wished!

Have Fun and Repeat!

Once you get a design you love, don’t stop there! Grab a picture of your finished product to share with me here and go do it again! Centerpieces are not limited to dining room tables only. Play around with different looks for your breakfast table, coffee table, dining room console, or even your sofa table. Any table is game for a beautiful fall centerpiece!

Share your creation in the comments below. I love to see your finished products!





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