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Then this Post is for You!!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate! The colors, the textures, and the coziness of the season make me want to go all out, but moving (see my post on that here) has zapped my decorating budget, so what to do? Get creative and think fun, simple, and frugal ways to capture the beauty of the season. Read on for:

 5 Easy and Free (or Almost Free) Ways to Decorate for Fall!

Fall Budget Decorating Idea #1) Utilize Natures Bounty:

~Fall is the season when Mother Nature is showing off, so why not capture some of that beauty in your own home for free! Grab the kids, or the hubby and go on a fall foraging adventure! Your own backyard is often a great starting point, but if you are lacking resources of your own, call up a friend or neighbor with an envy-worthy garden and ask to come and explore. They will often be glad for someone to use up their extra bounty! Some of my favorite things to pick up when foraging for fall decor are hydrangea blooms (dried correctly they keep for a long time!), acorns, pine cones, magnolia leaves (beautiful for fall and for Christmas), branches of fall foliage, and fall grasses. Keep in mind though, that there are some plants you will want to stay far away from! Indigenous to East Tennessee is the lovely 3-Leafed foe, poison ivy. Just to make this plant even more evil is the fact that it turns a beautiful red/yellow in the fall and practically begs you to pick it. Learn to identify this itch-causing plant and stay away!

Once you have collected a nice collection of natural elements, have some fun staging them around your home! For a simple 5-minute centerpiece grab a mason jar or small vase, fill it with acorns or small pine cones, top it with your dried hydrangea, a bouquet of fall wild flowers, or even a simple bundle of colored leaves and elevate it on a pretty cake stand. Don’t have a cake stand? Grab a bowl, turn it upside down and place a pretty plate on top. Presto! Instant cake stand!

How about your mantle? Use some of your finds to warm it up for the season as well! In this example I simply tucked in some dried hydrangea to carry the look from my dining room through and added some magnolia leaves for filler. Simple, seasonal, and again…FREE!

Fall Budget Decorating Idea #2) Shop at Home:

If you want to make your home look its best for fall, start shopping your cabinets and closets before heading to the store! That’s right, shop your home first and see what you can find to use for fall decorations. In the example at right the beautiful plaid runner on the mantle is actually a scarf from my closet! Draped on the mantle it adds warmth and softness and I didn’t have to buy a runner!

Look in your cabinets for interesting and tactile pieces that can add the autumn feel to your home. Woven baskets, pottery pieces, and rustic wooden trays can all be featured beautifully during fall.  Think about layering them into your tablescapes, mantles, and counters to add a natural feel for no cost at all! In the example on the left a glass vase filled with pumpkins and a rustic ceramic bowl filled with hydrangea soften the side of the mantle.

Fall Budget Decorating Tip #3) Re-Purpose Kids Toys and Costumes:

You know those adorable holiday stuffed animals and baby/toddles costumes that you just couldn’t bare to part with as your kids grew up? Get them out of storage and put them to use! Small stuffed pieces look cute tucked into holiday vignettes and small costumes have a lot of creative uses! Here I stuffed an old lion costume with plastic bags and use him to greet my guests all season long! I can remember when I was little, my mom use to pin my old witch costume up to the wall with a small dust pan broom under it like she flew into the wall! Hilarious and memorable! Have fun digging out old memories and take the money you saved on decorations to take your kids out to make some new ones!

Fall Budget Decorating Tip #4) Get Crafty:

If you’re the crafty type, there are so many fun and simple things you can create for the season. Doing a simple Pinterest search will give you more than you can tackle in a pumpkin-latte filled weekend, but crafting can get expensive quickly if you have to go out and buy all the parts. My favorite projects involve items that I already have at home. With an arsenal of hot glue guns, spray paint, and ribbon, you can make about anything look fabulous for fall! In this example a simple grapevine wreath (salvaged from a spring fern-wreath that was falling apart), some Indian corn (I paid $1/per ear) fall leaves and magnolia leaves from my yard, and my big splurge: a $4 stem of cotton from my local decor store come together to create a natural and bountiful wreath for my front door for a total of $6! I could have kept it completely free, but I wanted the extra texture and color the corn and cotton added.

Another simple and cost-effective decorating idea is making up several mason jar vases to hold all of that fall foliage you collected. I love to collect old mason jars to use for decor, but for this project you just need your plain, clear ones. Spray paint those babies with whatever color paint you’re using for this season (gold in this example) and have fun trimming them out with twine, lace, ribbon, and whatever charms you have around. Then simply fill them with your flowers or what-not and line them up on your mantle, in a tray on your coffee table, or center of your table for a personalized look for little-to-nothing!

Fall Budget Decorating Tip #5) Layer in Softness

While I hate to see the long summer evenings go, I do love the cool, crisp evenings of fall. Prepare your home for the cool nights ahead by adding additional layers of softness to your home. A colored throw folded over the back of your favorite chair, or an extra couple of textured pillows on your bed invite you to settle in, cuddle up, and enjoy those crisp evenings. Don’t feel like you have to run to Target to stock up on additional linens (they do have some really tempting ones this fall though!). Look through your collection of pillows and flip them over to check out the backs. Sometimes the backs of your pillows are perfect for additional layering. My favorite linen/velvet pillows simply get flipped over to the velvet side for fall and back over to the patterned side next spring. Dig around for some old quilts and afghans while you’re looking. Nothing adds to the cozy factor quite like a hand-crafted piece made from a loved one.

~Hopefully you’ve gotten some great ideas on how to fill your home with the beauty of fall for free or close to it!

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