Why Start a Blog and What is it All About?

September 29, 2017 By: Cassie-Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below!

Welcome to my First Ever Blog Post!

I am so excited to share this time with you and in order for you to better understand the purpose of this site, I wanted to give you the “Why’s” behind this blog. Why start a blog? Why now? and Why this name? These are the main questions I have asked myself, and hope to answer for you today. Who knows, maybe I’ll even inspire you to get started sharing your story and talents!

Why Start a Blog?

After having baby boy #3 (yes I said 3 boys!) I decided to take a much needed, but hard to accept, break from my home decor store and design business. In between being a mama of 3, moving into a new home (Post on that here), and trying to keep everyone fed and clothed, I realized that working outside of the home was not do-able at the moment. I also realized that I really missed the creative outlet that I had with my “real world” job, so after a dear friend said “You really should start a blog!” and my sweet husband said “You need to share your stuff on a blog.” and one of my favorite clients asked “Do you have a blog I can follow you on?” I finally came to the brilliant realization, (I can be a bit dense at times) that maybe I could combine my need to be home taking care of my family, with my desire to have a creative outlet, in a blog! So now, I am presenting you with a fun-filled site on the adventures of life with 3 boys, design and decorating ideas, and tips on how to appreciate the beauty this life has to offer!

Why Now?

In my thirty-something years on this earth, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. When I say, “I can’t possibly do that!” the Lord has a way of working things out so that I end up doing exactly that very thing. When asked to start a blog by friends and family, my gut reaction was ” I can’t do that! You want me to add one more thing to my plate right now?! Is nursing a 3 month old, chasing after a two year old, homeschooling a six year old, and unpacking and setting up a new house not enough?” Through the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit and lots of encouragement, I realized that there is never a perfect time and life will never be calm enough, so why not now. Hopefully you too will embrace your “now” moment and start that new adventure that you’ve been afraid of starting. If nothing else, we can be crazy together!

What’s In a Name?

My final “Why” question was really the catalyst for this entire venture. “Why should I choose Finding Beauty in the Everyday as my blog name?” While I was playing around with the idea of starting a blog in my head I went over name after name and idea after idea. Maybe I should write a blog on re-purposing and painting furniture (too limiting), or maybe a homesteading blog (too intimidating), maybe a mommy-blog (too much pressure)¬† or maybe even another design blog (sooo many out there) and finally I stumbled on an idea that combined all of my passions listed above with my God-given calling. Finding Beauty in the Everyday¬†captures the desire in all of us to embrace the beauty all around us, even when life is hard and the road is long. I believe that learning to seek out the beautiful moments tucked into our everyday lives will give us all a little respite from the crazy world we all live in.¬† With that as our guide, I hope to share with you posts that encourage you to create something beautiful, embrace the beauty all around us, and cherish the beauty created from a life well lived.

So, now that you know my “why” I invite you to join me on this journey into discovering and embracing the beauty in the life that we live right now!

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