We are in the very middle of a long and cold winter here in East Tennessee and I am desperate for some reprieve from these gray days cooped up inside! Today I’m going to share some simple Winter Decor ideas to freshen and brighten your home. Read on for some easy ideas to add color, warmth, and comfort to your rooms. Now let’s get going and banish those winter blahs!

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add a pop of color in every room

There is something about the endless gray days of winter that really puts me into a stupor. I find myself almost physically craving certain colors during the winter. Sunshiny yellows, lively greens, calming blues, and invigorating violets are colors that I often find myself drawn to during the dark winter days. The Pantone 2018 color of the year is a cheerful and energizing shadecalled Ultra Violet that is perfect for adding energy to a dull and bland space.

When adding color into your winter home, think about spaces where you can add a quick and simple pop of color. A vase of fresh yellow roses will brighten any kitchen while a cheery houseplant will freshen your living room with its rich green hue. If you want to add an accent of violet, look to easy-to-change out accessoires such as throw pillows or an amethyst vase. Small touches of color go a long way during the bland days of winter.

If you want to add in a few pieces of this years “HOT” color check out these finds available on Amazon:

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Nestle in Light

While the winter solstice has passed (on my hubby’s birthday no less!), the days are still incredibly short and the sun is missing more often than not. During the winter months it is essential to take a Lighting Inventory in our homes. All this means is that we need to go room to room and check to make sure the lighting is warm, welcoming, and inviting throughout the space. Look for opportunities to add in layers of lighting and you will be amazed at how warm your rooms become almost instantly.

For an example from my own home I realized that after I removed my lighted holiday garland fromt the mantle that it was looking very cold and bare. I tucked in a strand on twinkle lights into some simple pine roping and Viola! My entire living room looked so much more warm and inviting with that simple addition of sparkly light. Trays of realistic battery candles can be nestled into bedrooms, on coffee tables, and even on the center of the dining table to add a little atmosphere to any room in the house. Check out these options below if you are looking for some ways to add additional light into your winter home:


Embrace Hygge

Hearth, home, fire, comfort, warmth, all of these words come to mind when contemplating the Danish word that embodies the ritual of embracing time together with the ones we love in the comfort of our homes. While this concept has gone “viral” in the past year or so, the idea of creating a warm and safe haven in our homes is as old as time.

I can just imagine a cave-momma tucking her little ones in with a fur throw around a roaring fire in their own comfy cave.  There is something in all of us that craves a comfy seat with a mug of our favorite warm drink in our hands, surrounded by the stories and laughter of those we love. Need ideas for a warm drink for the cold days? Check out some of my favorite choices here: Hot Drinks for Cold Days

If you don’t already have a space in your home dedicated to comfort and time together, take the time right now to pull together a few items and create your own “Hygge Center” to enjoy all winter long! All you need to get started is a few key items:

A favorite throw or blanket to snuggle up with loved ones on a favorite chair or fluffy bed:

Some good reading and/or journaling material:

A mug of your favorite warm drink:

Once you get your Hygge center set up be sure to take some time to enjoy it!

Hopefully this post has inspired you to make some simple and fun changes to freshen your home for the winter months. As the snow falls outside my window on this cold evening I think I’m going to make a mug of hot cocoa, grab a good book and snuggle in until Spring!


**Do you have a favorite winter decor idea? Please share in the comments. I love to hear from everyone!**







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