“A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.” ~William Arthur Ward

October 25, 2017 BY Cassie Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below.

I am definitely a sunshine girl at heart…

But when I awoke yesterday morning to a heavy, constant rain, my heart, strangely, rejoiced. As I stumbled out into my dark house and turned on the coffee pot, I felt a childlike kind of joy settle over me as I saw the water pouring down outside my kitchen window. I brewed my coffee and sat down to my morning quiet time and bible reading and took a moment to look deeper into this feeling that came from the heavy, constant, down pouring of rain…

Why did I feel joy at the rain instead of frustration at cancelled plans and yucky weather? Why was I almost excited to see something as common place as rain? What was going on with me? I’m a sunshine, outdoors gal. Usually getting cooped up inside makes my anxious and grumpy, why the change in heart? As I settled in and pondered, I felt like the Holy Spirit spoke “Refreshment” over me. Just as the rain brought much needed refreshment to our dry and crispy lawn after an unusually warm and dry October, the Lord was bringing some much needed refreshment over my own life after an unusually warm and dry season of my own.

Books, Bacon, and Baths:

My morning went on as usual with preparing oatmeal for hungry kiddos, leading home school lessons, and doing laundry, but when lunch rolled around, my sweet hubby jumped up and declared he was cooking. While that was a nice surprise in itself, my heart leaped when I smelled the scent of bacon lingering in the air. Breakfast for lunch! And on a cool, rainy day at that! Our family sat down to a leisurely lunch of eggs, bacon, and toast with jelly and we talked, and we laughed and we lingered. We didn’t rush, or eat on the run, or hurry off to the next task on our to-do list, instead we spent time as a family enjoying a meal together.

After lunch all 3 kiddos settled down for naps (at the same time!!!) and sweet hubby decided to tackle the job of organizing and filing all of our movies into our new shelves in the built-ins next to the television (A monumental task in itself for my movie-collecting husband!) I had an entire block of time entirely to myself! What is that? At first I instinctively started to go through the running To-Do List in my head, but for once, my heart took over and whispered “what you need is a bath a good book,” and I listened. An hour, one bath, and a couple of chapters later, I was rested, refreshed and even had time to sneak in a little cat nap! It was in the moments right before I fell asleep, that I realized for the first time in a long while, I felt a calm in my spirit that I hadn’t felt in a long time…I felt at peace.

There’s Nothing a Little Mexican Food and Holy Yoga Can’t Fix.

Once the kids were up we tinkered around the house for bit and then, the heavy clouds that had dropped over two inches of rain in a single day, decided to clear and the sun broke radiantly into the sky. After spending all day indoors we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner where we ate entirely too much and left way too full. Sweet hubby dropped me off for some Holy Yoga while he took the kids home to bed and I headed in to stretch my physical body, center my spiritual mind, and ground my awareness.

The session this week was on the topic of surrender. Surrendering our own need to be perfect, surrendering our plans to His better plan, and surrendering our bodies to service to the One True King. As I lay there stretching and hearing those words wash over me, I realized how often in my own life I fight surrender. Somewhere deep within me I view surrender as weakness and weakness something to be avoided at all costs. This last year of trials, and refinement and growth has shown me that weakness is simply our human need for a divine God and surrendering to him is actually a very real and very pure act of worship.

As I left yoga that night and headed home to tuck into bed, I realized how much I needed a day of rest. Not just physical rest, but soul rest. Rest from going, rest from doing, and even an occasional rest from being the mom, wife, home keeper, business woman, sister, daughter, and friend that pours into others from dawn to dusk day after day. Sometimes we all need a “rainy” day to recenter ourselves on who we are and the bigger picture that we are called to. So, next time you awaken to a rainy day, I hope that you can find the rest that you so desperately need.


Let me know if you have had a rainy day experience of your own lately, and if not let me know and I will pray for you!





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